BRG & Biodiversity Research Group

  Welcome to the Biodiversity Research Group website!


  PI: Professor Richard T. Corlett (高力行)



  The Biodiversity Research Group (BRG) was established in July, 2012. The name reflects the original target of ‘filling gaps’ in  the new Center for Integrative Conservation, which was being established at the same time. 

  The major gaps identified were:

  1) remote sensing and spatial analysis

  2) conservation applications of molecular sequence data

  3) climate change biology

  4) conservation theory

  The subsequent creation of new groups in the CIC and the re-direction of existing groups have allowed the BRG to narrow its major focus to plant evolution and conservation. Graduate student projects do not necessarily fit under any of these headings, since their principle role is training, and the topics are usually chosen by the student in consultation with their supervisor.